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Don't take my word for it ... Listen to what my clients and stakeholders have to say

Blake Peters

Head of School - German International School (PDX)

"Our organization was thrilled to be able to work with the professionals at Expense Reduction Analysts. Doug and his team are very aware of and respectful of our time. They are more than willing to take deep dives into necessary information, cut to the chase, and anything in between. The best part is that they get the job done. We will be working with them on more projects in the near future. "

Tonya Eberhart

Founder - Brandface

"Doug set the bar for a deep-dive interview, and we loved it! You can immediately see the passion he has for giving his audience information and advice that can lead to a more fulfilled business in life. But it's his genuine desire to learn things himself that makes so many people tune in. He's asking the questions they're thinking about!"

Alex Sanfilippo

Founder - PodPros

"Doug's show brings great thought leaders to the stage, they share great practical information, then the show ends. Perfect length of episodes with just enough for me to continuously be learning! Love Doug's show."

Michelle Charles

Career Coach

"Doug's positivity and passion is infectious. His 20 plus years of financial, technological and program management expertise is unmatched. He is a compassionate servant leader and will be successful at any task at hand ensuring 100% mission success. "

Craig Carter

Product Manager - Intel

"Doug is a solid leader, and we depended on his skills to attract and retain our key talent. Doug manages through personally getting to know and motivate each member of his team, and to create a common vision. During large customer events, we would count on Doug to be the MC and event leader to pull in the audience and to lead training. He is an energetic speaker, very entrepreneurial, quick to share his direct feedback, and he thrives being part of a tight team. "

Amber Gordon

Account Manager

"Doug is exceptional with leadership and engaging new technology in operations, administration, to the C-level executives. He helped to benefit the companies overall productivity and helps operate effectiently with technology solution."

Brandon Laws

Senior Director - Xenium HR

"I believe Doug's true calling in life is finance and economics, and I believe he would tell others the same. I trust him completely with financial advice because he has the knowledge and he has become a great friend in the process."

Brandon Walcott

Program Manager - Getac Video

"Doug consistently went out of his way to provide support, opportunities and encouragement; he pushed me to develop new skills and find creative solutions to difficult problems. He has a passion for finance and analytics in particular. The way he comfortable articulated complex financial concepts into easy to understand terms is a testament to his intelligence and dedication to his field. "

Jon Stainbrook

Senior Analyst - Great Western Malting

"I have never worked with a manager as knowledgeable and genuine as Doug. I gained invaluable knowledge from Doug in the six months I spent on his team as an intern. Doug’s ability to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently is at a level I aspire to reach at some point in my career. He knows how to produce results and possesses a quality that is rare in a leader, he genuinely cares about his team members. "