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Frequently Asked Questions

Retainer Services

Q. How do your retainer services work?

A: Retainer services for a consultant work differently from other professionals like attorneys.  

  • Retainers paid to attorneys are a pre-payment of hourly billings.
  • Retainers charged by consultants are fees paid for timely access to their knowledge and experience.
    • I structure my retainer agreements as 'rapid response' arrangements where the designated individual will have access to my personal contact account and small questions will be addressed within 4 business hours.  Conversations requiring 30 or more minutes of conversation will be scheduled by providing 2-3 windows of time flexibility two business days in advance and meeting over a video platform such as Zoom.

Consulting Terms

Q. What are the payment terms for your consulting assignments?

A: All invoices are due within 30 days of submission.

The payment structure varies based on the type of consulting assignment.

  • Monetized Value Assignments: When alignment has been reached on the extended monetized value of the project, I bill for a total of 10% of the value produced to generate a 10x ROI or higher for the client since most estimates are conservative.
    • The billing breaks out as follows: 1/3 at project inception, 1/3 after substantial scope completion and the final 1/3 after all objectives have been completed.  
    • I offer a 20% discount for full payment at the time of signing the agreement.
  • Expense Reduction Assignments: Expense reduction assignments are billed on contingency with no fees due up-front, and 50% of achieved savings billed over a typical duration of 24 months.
    • The way this model works is to start by establishing baseline pricing and going out to market to generate options for savings with the client making the ultimate decision.
    • The purpose of this model is to create a 'zero-risk' proposition for clients so that a new budget line is not required to engage services since all fees are self-funded by savings.
    • In most cases, a fee equal to ~10% of forecasted savings is charged when the options for savings are submitted to the client.  This is amortized out over the length of the project and serves the purpose of creating a financial commitment to implement the savings initiatives.
  • Retainer Services: Retainer services are calculated based on a monthly retainer amount, multiplied by the term of the contract.
    • The monthly amount will be negotiated in our proposal and is structured to represent an exceptional ROI for the client and equitable compensation for me.
    • The minimum term of retainer agreements is 6-months, with a preferred term of 12-months to reduce administrative overhead.  (Billed quarterly)
    • I offer a 20% discount for full payment at the time of signing (or renewing) the retainer agreement.